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1. Kite-surfing

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In Cartagena there are some great spots to do kite-surfing. The conditions and the weather is ideal to learn kite-surfing in Cartagena. If you are interested in learning kite-surfing then I can highly recommend the kite-surfing school in Cartagena. The teachers are really competent, very flexible and friendly. They speak english, german and spanish. This is a great opportunity to learn kite-surfing even if you don’t speak spanish! You usally can learn kite-surfing in 8 hours. You complete the hours usually in three to four days. In the first lesson you get to know the equipment, security systems, and the maneuvers of the kite on the beach. Already in the second hour we will go into the water, where you learn bodydrag, more kitehandling and the relaunch. In the fourth hour, they will give you the board, and usually after eight hours, you know how to do the waterstart and ride on both sides.

2. Paragliding 

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Paragliding with your partner can be an impressive experience. There are different spots for paragliding in Colombia.

If you are looking for complete tranquility, nature and an adventure then the village Guasca will be perfect for you. You can reach the village Guasca with in about 40 minutes from Bogota. This spot has become the an excellent spot for paragliding.

3. Trekking

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Colombia offers various opportunities for trekking.

In the Coffee Region of Colombia you can trek through Cocora Valley. The climate there is very comfortable for hiking. In any case we  recommend you to book a guided tour to the coffee region.

Some other interesting spots for trekking include Sierra Nevada, the park of tayrona and cuidad perdida.

Sierra Nevada Del Cocuy is a range of snow-capped peaks that are completely unique in Colombia. 8 hours from Bogotá you can enjoy treks among the mountains and take in the stunning scenery that dominates the area. You can find plenty of packages to guide you through the area, although it is possible for experienced trekkers to navigate the circuits by themselves.

The most famous trek in Colombia is by far ‘Ciudad Perdida’, or the Colombian Lost City. This trek takes 5 days and combines everything you look for in a trek: challenging terrain, incredible scenery and a final destination that will take your breath away. Again the treks are organized by local companies so you have to follow a relatively pre-set route, although it’s possible to alter where you go and what you do if you speak to your guide.

Along the way you can encounter indigenous communities, beautiful waterfalls, majestic rivers and much more. The Lost City trek can be enjoyed by most levels, but there are dangerous parts.

4. Montain biking 

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Whether you are looking for fun downhill mountain biking descents or testing cross country rides you can borrow a great equipment while having trained guides to ensure a safe and fun experience.

If you are interested in montain biking we would recommend you to take a look
at this website: http://www.colombianbikejunkies.com/index.html

5. Diving 

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Carribean Coast

With 1,600 kms of Caribbean coast, Colombia can fulfill the needs of any diver. Here it`s easier to start diving  especially for beginners when the water is quite warm. Enjoy diving and snorkelling at the most amazing tropical beaches.

Santa-Marta, Taganga, Tayrona
The coast near Santa Marta offers some good diving spots there with extremely attracting prices. A great diving school can be found in Tangaga. Enjoy diving and later on the nightlife in Taganga at the same time. Depending on the conditions, you can see corals, some turtles, barracudas, rupper fish and many more exotic things.

The best spots are the Isle of Rosario and and further away the Islas de SAn Bernardo near Tolu.Diving information in Cartagena.

Providencia and San Andres
Providencia and San Andres offer warm waters, great visibility, fine coral reefs and a good variety of marine life. There are also 2 sunken ships to entertain.

For more information go to: http://www.inula-diving.com/


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