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Foreign men are usually seen as very attractive to Colombian women. They know that they are responsible, generous and cordial men. But once you take the decision to get to know her in person you should pay attention to some important things so that you can make a good impression.

Colombian women

This is in other words the big opportunity to show her that she has made the right decision to date you and to show her your true feelings. So how can you impress her on you first day? Usually it`s not as complicated as many men think. Here are some general tips and advice to give you for your first date:

1. Plan your date.
If you want to have your date in a romantic restaurant make the reservations early.  The date could also be in her favourite coffee, restaurant or park. Just be flexible. Take your time to get to know her.

2. Be respectful
and treat her like an unseen flower. Colombian women love romance. This is your great chance to show her how special she is. Be creative in expressing your love. It don`t has to be suprise to show her how special she is for you.

3. Pay attention to your appearance.
These ladies pay a lot of attention on how they look and what they wear. They expect the man to have cultivated appearance. Of course  a hygiene  in all his aspects should be self-evident.

4. Colombian women like their men well groomed.
Make sure your nails are clean. Go to the barber. A bad breath, smell of sweat can be a big off turner and probably won`t lead to a second date.

5.  Listen carefully to your lady
to get a clear impression of her. Also listen to the things she is interested in and let her get to know you. Take your time for your date. A gentle and comfortable environment is recommendable for your first date.

6. Don`t try to pretend someone you are not.
Just be yourself. That is all that you can do. Colombian women love honest man. They don`t like liars. These are men who pretend that they are having a lot of money and want to impress her in this way.

7. Don`t push her for anything.
If she is not ready for a relationship she will have her reasons. You may ask her carefully for the reasons . Be patient. She probably will let you know.

The most important tip is don`t try too hard to impress her. Colombian women are smart and honest. They rapidly notice when a man is pretending to have something or trying to push her into something. Just relax. Be yourself and be honest in every aspect you can be. So she can possibly falling in love with you.

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