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1. Tobia

Tobia is about 2 hours away from Bogota. In Tobia you can do outdoor activities like wildwater rafting, montain biking and hiking.


Wildwater rafting in Tobia, Colombia

Wild water rafting is usually done in group of 6 to 12 people in inflatable boats. It might seem dangerous at the first sight but it`s not. First you will get some get an instructional training. With the right life jacket and helmet it`s a ideal adventure for the whole family or couples. Here in Tobia you can do rafting, climbing and trekking.

2. Suesca


Mountain climbing in Colombia

Suesca is also about 2 hours away from  Bogota. Outdoor activities such as hiking and rock climbing can be done here. In this area you can find over 100 of climbing routes for beginners aswell as for advanced  montain climbers. The highest montains have an amplitude of 150 meters. The climbing equipment are on european standard.


Suesca, Colombia.


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